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ヨアコ Yoako
style="Template:Roundy background: #FFFFFF;" colspan="2" | 128px
VS Sprite from Sunrise and Sunset
style="Template:Roundytl text-align:right; background: #FFBB66;" | Age style="Template:Roundytr background:#FFFFFF;" | 11
Gender Female
Eye color Green
style="Template:Roundybl text-align:right; background: #FFBB66;" | Hair color style="Template:Roundybr background:#FFFFFF;" | Blonde
style="Template:Roundytl text-align:right; background: #FFBB66;" | Hometown style="Template:Roundytr background:#FFFFFF;" | Minton Town
Region Rinto
style="Template:Roundybl text-align:right; background: #FFBB66;" | Relatives style="Template:Roundybr background:#FFFFFF;" | As player:
Claire (mother), Ike (father), Alex (brother), Sunny (sister)
As rival:
Winston (grandfather), Joyce (grandmother), unnamed mother
style="Template:Roundyleft text-align:right; background: #FFBB66;" | Trainer class style="Template:Roundyright background:#FFFFFF;" | Pokémon Trainer, Player character

Amelia (Japanese: ヨアコ Yoako) is the female player character in Pokémon Sunrise and Sunset and s, and also serves as a rival in the same games if the player chooses to play as the male character. Her male counterpart is Cameron.

In the gamesEdit

As the protagonistEdit

Amelia is a girl living in Minton Town with her mother, Claire, and childhood friend, Cameron. She attends the Trainer Academy, and recently finished her final year there. Upon graduating, she will receive a starter Pokémon from Mrs. Celeste, and a Pokédex from Selina, a budding young Pokémon Professor. However, at the graduation ceremony, several of the starter Pokémon are stolen by the Bandit Squad, causing Amelia to go on a search for them around the Rinto region.

As well as encountering and battling Cameron and Selina at various points during her journey, Amelia will also meet some troublemaking twins named Shadrick and Kyra, and a former student of the Trainer Academy, Axel, and will battle all three of them on several occasions. Along the way, Amelia will meet the evil Team Silva, Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Frost and Team Terra, who all wish to dramatically alter the world's landscape in some way. Lastly, she will encounter the villainous Elite Council at many points in her journey, which will end with her overthrowing them.

As a non-playable characterEdit

Amelia is a young girl who hails from Larchorn City, but currently lives in Minton Town. She is one of the main rivals of the game, choosing the starter Pokémon which is weak to the player's. She holds a grudge against the Elite Council because of what they did to her home, and supports the player in all of their endeavors. She ends up being one of the best battlers out of the player's rivals, second only to Axel.


style="Template:Roundy border: 2px solid #BB5500; background: #FFBB66; width:80px"| File:Spr SrSs Amelia.png style="Template:Roundy border: 2px solid #BB5500; background: #FFBB66; width:80px"| File:Spr SrSs Amelia Challenge.png style="Template:Roundy border: 2px solid #BB5500; background: #FFBB66; width:80px"| File:Spr SrSs Amelia VS.png style="Template:Roundy border: 2px solid #BB5500; background: #FFBB66; width:80px"| File:Spr SrSs Amelia Back.png style="Template:Roundy border: 2px solid #BB5500; background: #FFBB66; width:80px"| File:Spr SrSs Amelia OD.png
Amelia's sprite from
Generation FI
Amelia's challenge sprite from
Generation FI
Amelia's VS sprite from
Generation FI
Amelia's back sprite from
Generation FI
Amelia's overworld sprite from
Generation FI



Language Name Origin
Japanese ヨアコ Yoako From 夜明け Yoake meaning "dawn."
English Amelia From Amber, Pokémon Sunrise's original name.

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style="background: #ddf; Template:Roundyleft padding: 2px 15px;" | Main series: style="background: #e6e6ff; Template:Roundyright padding: 2px 10px;" align="center" | CameronAmelia

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