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A Badge (Japanese: バッジ Badge) is an item which denotes a Pokémon Trainer as having defeated a Gym Leader.

Trainers need to collect a certain number of Gym Badges in order to qualify for a region's Pokémon League. Young Trainers usually begin their initial Pokémon journey by traveling from city to city in order to collect them. Badges are small enough to fit easily between one's thumb and index finger and can be pinned to a shirt or kept in a Badge case.



Badges affect a Pokémon's behavior. Outsider Pokémon over a certain level will refuse to obey the player without the appropriate Badge. In Pokémon Sunrise and Sunset and s, obedience is determined by the number of Badges, not which specific Badges the player has.

Badges by obedience level
Rinto League
Up to Lv. 20 1 Badge
Up to Lv. 30 2 Badges
Up to Lv. 40 3 Badges
Up to Lv. 50 4 Badges
Up to Lv. 60 5 Badges
Up to Lv. 70 6 Badges
Up to Lv. 80 7 Badges
Up to Lv. 90
Up to Lv. 100 8 Badges


Main article: HM

While Trainers can teach their Pokémon HM moves and use them in battle, Trainers require the appropriate Badge to use them in the overworld.

Poké Mart stockEdit

The number of Badges a Trainer possesses affects which items Poké Marts sell. The more Badges, the more items that become available for purchase, with more expensive items generally appearing after more Badges are obtained.

Template:Lower cashier

Pokémon LeagueEdit

In the games, in order to enter the Pokémon League and challenge the Elite Four and Champion, the player must have all eight Badges from that region. In Rinto, Badges are checked individually through a series of Badge Check Gates. However, in Sunrise and Sunset, due to the Elite Council, it is nearly impossible for Trainers to reach Victory Road in the first place.

List of BadgesEdit

Rinto LeagueEdit

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  • The Beginners' Badge is the only badge that is entirely optional, as it isn't required to use any HMs or reach the Pokémon League.
  • It is possible to obtain certain Badges in a non-linear order.
    • In Sunrise and Sunset, the player is forced to skip the Vaultair Gym on their initial visit. The player is then able to continue without obtaining the Gale Badge, and reach the second badge gate in Victory Road. However, this means that the player will miss out on being able to use Fly, making traveling around much more difficult.
    • Also in Sunrise and Sunset, while the Crescent Badge can only be obtained last, the Golune Gym itself can be challenged immediately after defeating Seth.
  • In Generation FI, the ability of Gym Badges to increase Pokémon's stats was replaced by the Crystal Keys handed out by Colosseum Leaders.


Language Name Origin
Japanese バッジ Bajji Translates to "Badge."
English Badge N/A
Spanish Medalla Translates to "Medal."
French Badge N/A
German Orden Translates to "Medal."


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