A Colosseum Leader (Japanese: コロシアムリーダー Colosseum Leader) is the head of a Pokémon Colosseum. Their main job is to test challengers who manage to attain long enough win streaks, and see if they are strong enough to become official members of the Colosseum. If a Trainer defeats a Colosseum Leader in battle, then the Trainer earns that Colosseums's Crystal Key.

Like Gym Leaders, most Colosseum Leaders specialize in a particular type of Pokémon, with a few exceptions who use more than one. Like Gyms, the design of their Colosseums usually reflect the type that they use. Colosseum leaders can only reach their position by being recruited by the VBA, and gaining enough recognition to receive permission to construct a Colosseum. Colosseum Leaders can choose to vacate their position at will, and there can be any amount of Colosseums in a region at any one time.

List of Colosseum LeadersEdit

Generation FI]] Region: Rinto]]
Colosseum Leader]]
Type]] Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Morton VS.png
瀬ヤ Seya
Whirlpool Colosseum]]
Cashor City]]
??? ???
Water]] 40px
Sapphire Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Stella VS.png
??? ???
Nitro Colosseum]]
Larchorn City]]
??? ???
Metal]] 40px
Cobalt Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Cole VS.png
??? ???
Steamwork Colosseum]]
Polarice City]]
??? ???
Fire]] 40px
Ruby Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Michaela VS.png
??? ???
Supercell Colosseum]]
Vegala City]]
??? ???
Electric]] 40px
Citrine Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Sheena VS.png
??? ???
Sunshine Colosseum]]
Solight City]]
??? ???
Light]] 40px
Pearl Key]]
File:Spr SrSs Damien VS.png
??? ???
Crystal Colosseum
Siria City
??? ???
Various 40px
Diamond Key


  • Damien is the only Colosseum Leader who can only be challenged after entering the Hall of Fame.


Language Name Origin
Japanese コロシアムリーダー Koroshiamurīdā Translates to "Colosseum Leader."
English Colosseum Leader N/A
Spanish Líder de Coliseo Translates to "Colosseum Leader."
French Champion de Colisée Translates to "Colosseum Champion."
German Kolosseumleiter Roughly translates to "Colosseum Leader."


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