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A Gym Leader (Japanese: ジムリーダー Gym Leader) the highest-ranking member of a Pokémon Gym. The main job of a Gym Leader is to test Trainers and their Pokémon so that they are strong and resourceful enough to compete against the Elite Four. If a Trainer defeats a Gym Leader in battle, then the Trainer earns that Gym's Badge.

Most Gym Leaders specialize in a particular type of Pokémon, with a few exceptions who use more than one. The design of their Gyms usually reflects the type that they use. Gym leaders can attain their status through various methods, such as inheriting it from their parents or being appointed by league officials. Gym Leaders can choose to vacate their position at will, although there never seems to be less than eight Gyms in a region at any one time.

List of Gym LeadersEdit

Rinto LeagueEdit

style="background: #Template:Rinto color dark;" colspan="14" | Rinto League
Generation FI Region: Rinto]]
colspan="6" style="background: #Template:Rinto color light; Template:Roundytl;" | Gym Leader
style="background: #Template:Rinto color light;" | Location
colspan="6" style="background: #Template:Rinto color light;" | Type]] style="background: #Template:Rinto color light; Template:Roundytr;" | Badge]]

Spr SrSs Beatrice VS
蜂ミ Hachumi
Capeta City]]
Hanītsu City
colspan="6" style="background:#Template:Bug color light;" | Bug]] Buzz Badge
Buzz Badge
File:Spr SrSs Elijah VS.png
一浩 Kazuhiro
Vaultair City]]

colspan="6" style="background:#Template:Wind color light;" | Wind]] Gale Badge
Gale Badge
File:Spr SrSs Delano VS.png
??? Dokuohtei
Pollug Town]]

colspan="6" style="background:#Template:Poison color light;" | Poison]] Toxic Badge
Toxic Badge
File:Spr SrSs Bridgette VS.png
Autare Town]]

colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Fire color light;" | Fire]] colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Fighting color light;" | Fighting]] Blaze Badge
Blaze Badge
File:Spr SrSs Seth VS.png
Polarice City]]

colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Dragon color light;" | Dragon]] colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Ice color light;" | Ice]] Fang Badge
Fang Badge
File:Spr SrSs Jordan VS.png
Vegala City]]

colspan="6" style="background:#Template:Psychic color light;" | Psychic]] Ace Badge
Ace Badge
File:Spr SrSs Cindra VS.png
Solight City]]

colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Ground color light;" | Ground]] colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Grass color light;" | Grass]] colspan="2" style="background:#Template:Water color light;" | Water]] Dune Badge
Dune Badge
colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Ghost color light; Template:Roundybl" | File:Spr SrSs Jasper VS.png
colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Dark color light;" | File:Spr SrSs Luna VS.png
style="background:#Template:Ghost color light;" | Golune Town]]

colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Ghost color light;" | Ghost]] colspan="3" style="background:#Template:Dark color light;" | Dark]] colspan="1" style="background:#Template:Ghost color light; " | Crescent Badge

Crescent Badge


  • A Gym specializing in Dark-type Pokémon wasn't introduced until Sunrise and Sunset.
  • While a Gym that specialized in various types was introduced in Generation II, the first Gyms that specialized in only two or three types weren't introduced until Generation FI.
  • In Sunrise and Sunset, Elijah of Vaultair City can be skipped until the player reaches Victory Road.
  • Luna and Jasper are unique in the sense that, depending on when the player decides to challenge the Golune Gym, a different one of them will be the leader. Luna was the original leader, but left the gym under Jasper's care and went traveling before the events of the game. If the player challenges the Gym straight after defeating Seth, the leader will be Jasper. If they wait until after defeating Cindra, Luna will have returned and she will be the leader.
    • Despite having permission from Luna to face challengers and hand out badges, Jasper isn't considered to be a true Gym Leader. He isn't shown in the badge case, and the Gym Leader Battle music doesn't play while battling him. Furthermore, Jasper's Pokémon are significantly weaker than Luna's.
  • Luna is perhaps the only Gym Leader (excluding Giovanni) who shows genuine dislike towards the player.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ジムリーダー Jimurīdā Translates to "Gym Leader."
English Gym Leader N/A
Spanish Líder de gimnasio Translates to "Gym Leader."
French Champion N/A
German Arenaleiter Roughly translates to "Arena Leader."


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