Interviews with Izzy is a television program hosted by the RBC, airing on Channel One between the twentieth and twenty-ninth minutes of every hour. It consists of interviews of famous people in the Rinto region, such as Gym Leaders, Pokémon Professors, and Colosseum Leaders, with the questions being asked by a reporter named Izzy. All of the interviews follow the same basic structure, with only a single question changing between each one.


There are twenty-five episodes in total, with six (Damien, Leona, Ivy, Regan, Aurelia, and Alex), only appearing after the player enters the Hall of Fame. Each episode begins with the following:

Izzy: Woo hoo! All right! It's time for Interviews with Izzy! We go out of our way to bring you exclusive coverage of some of Rinto's most famous stars! Let's see who we can find today!"


Izzy: "I'm here in Capeta City, where I'm on the lookout for local Gym Leader, Beatrice. Ooh, is that her over there? Beatrice! Over here!"

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