The following is a list of routes in the Pokémon world.

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Route Termini Notes
North East West South
Dewdrop Trail Aldew Capeta Woods Minton Location of the Wooded Shrine
Capeta Gardens Capeta Woods Capeta Location of Treserra Cavern
Berry Lane Ruin Tunnel Capeta Seashell Shores None
Seashell Shores Trainer Academy Berry Way Windpoint Bridge Furrow Islands None
Jurassic Coast Vaultair Arcove Location of the Twilit Pillar
Paradise Pier Arcove Cashor None
Furrow Channel Minton Grove Furrow Islands Location of Sky Station
Thane Estuary Larchorn Aldew Location of Seabreak Lighthouse
Windmill Fields Lost Woods Canaport Larchorn None
Tepid Springs Silent Hill Canaport Autares Geyser Gorge None
Golden Boulevard Autares Thane University None
Menhir Pathway Thane University Quinto Ruins None
Smoky Ridge Mt. Ventle Evergold Glade Vegala Electric Dam Location of Dragon's Run
Grand Valley Electric Dam Vaultair None
Boreal Climb Frozen Fortress Fogbound Ravine Mt. Magmerc Location of the Power StationSr/Moonlight MinesSs
Fogbound Ravine Golune Boreal Climb None
Alpine Slope Frozen Fortress Polarice None
Aurora Heights Polarice Mt. Glacura Reglace None
Starlit Meadow NOVA Station Vegala None
Mysterious Marshes Vegala Mt. Marsa None
Desolate Desert Mt. Marsa Desert Palace Solight Location of Bandit's Hideout
Victory Road Siria Sunset Port None
Great Bay Solight Rainbow Reef Sunrise Resort None
Pirates' Cove Mt. Marsa Ships' Graveyard None
Dusty Canyon Forhaul Pirates' Cove None
Silent Hill Temporal Sanctuary Tepid Springs None

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