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Professor Sherman Redwood
style="Template:Roundy background: #FFFFFF;" colspan="2" | [[File:Spr SrSr Redwood VS.png|]]
style="Template:Roundytl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Age style="Template:Roundytr background:#FFFFFF;" | 29
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
style="Template:Roundybl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Hair color style="Template:Roundybr background:#FFFFFF;" | Red
style="Template:Roundytl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Hometown style="Template:Roundytr background:#FFFFFF;" | Autare Town
style="Template:Roundybl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Region style="Template:Roundybr background:#FFFFFF;" | Rinto
style="Template:Roundytl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Trainer class style="Template:Roundytr background:#FFFFFF;" | Professor
Generation FI
style="Template:Roundybl text-align:right; background: #D88484;" | Games style="Template:Roundybr background:#FFFFFF;" | Sunrise and Sunset

Professor Sherman Redwood (Japanese: ??? ???) is the resident Pokémon Professor of Aldew Town in the Rinto region. He specializes in Pokémon biology.

In the gamesEdit





Pokémon Sunrise and Sunset and sEdit

Route 1

  • On the bridge
(to AmeliaM/CameronF) "...and don't forget that it can also be affected by the weather."M/"...Iron, Calcium, Zinc, and Carbos."F
(to player) "<Player>!"
"It's great to see you again! Are you ready to head off? The bus should be here quite soon. I was just giving AmeliaM/CameronF a few final tips on Pokémon battling. I'm sure she'llM/he'llF fill you in on the way to the Academy. Right, let's get a move on!"
"The bus should should be arriving soon. Why don't you plan our route on the map?"

Trainer Academy

"Alright, the ceremony's going to be held in the main hall. Christine said that it hasn't been delayed for too long, so it should begin in just a couple of minutes. Let's head there now so that we're not late."





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