Team Silva
シルバ団 Shiruba-dan
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Capeta City, Capeta Forest

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Team Silva (Japanese: シルバ Shiruba-dan, literally Silva Gang) is one of seven villainous teams found in the Rinto region. Alongside Team Aqua, Team Magma, Team Frost and Team Terra, it is one of the five groups that attempt to awaken a member of the Elemental Quintet. Team Silva's ultimate goal is to increase the amount of woodland in the world and completely obliterate human civilization by awakening Herbaris.

In the gamesEdit

Team Silva first appears after the player obtains the Buzz Badge by defeating Beatrice, the Gym Leader of Capeta City. They brainwash a large group of CrysalitSr/PupazeSs into attacking the city using the Control Bracelets, and during the chaos, successfully break into the Capeta City Hall, steal the Bug Statuette, and flee to Capeta Forest. The player and Beatrice team up to follow them, catching up with their admin, Thorn in front of the forest's shrine. She attempts to awaken Herbaris by presenting the Bug Statuette to the shrine, but after multiple tries, nothing happens. In a fit of rage, she attacks the player and Beatrice with two of the brainwashed CrysalitSr/PupazeSs, but ends up losing. Following this, she and the rest of the team's members escape, claiming that their leader will come up with an even better plan, and leave the statuette behind.

Team Silva are not seen again until after the player defeats Team Aqua in Cashor Aquarium. The player is told by Nathan to return to Capeta City, and meets up with Beatrice when they arrive. She explains that Capeta Forest has become incredibly overgrown, and that the Forest Crystal is starting to lose its color. They then spot Bailey, a Team Silva Grunt, and follow him south to the Old Farmhouse, which turns out to be Team Silva's hideout. Together, they make their way through the base, eventually reaching the control room on the lowest level where the player meets Brunswick and Thorn. The former explains Team Silva's goals to capture Herbaris and destroy human civilization for the benefit of Pokémon, and after successfully absorbing all of Herbaris' spirit from the Forest Crystal, commands Thorn to battle the player once more. Despite her losing, Brunswick manages to escape just before the Aldew Police arrive, still in possession of Herbaris' spirit. All of the remaining grunts are arrested, and Team Silva is not heard from again.

Thorn later appears in the Cave of Earth after the incident at Lucid Spring. She allows the player to capture Herbaris, but says that she hasn't given up on Team Silva's original goals and will never forgive Brunswick for betraying her.


  • The player must team up with Beatrice both times that they encounter Team Silva, meaning that every single lower member of Team Silva is faced in a Tag Battle.
  • Team Silva is the only one of the five teams seeking the Elemental Quintet that doesn't have a rivalry with another. Team Aqua has a rivalry with Team Magma and Team Terra, while Team Magma also has a rivalry with Team Frost.
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