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Trainer classes are the types of Pokémon Trainers one can battle in all main series Pokémon games. They come in different varieties and sprites which describe their occupation, estimated age, and sometimes what Pokémon they train. For example, a Psychic is a young adult with telekinetic powers who trains Psychic-type Pokémon. All Trainer classes have overworld or field sprites that sometimes may be used for non-Trainers. Notable Trainer classes, such as Gym Leaders, have unique sprites between each individual one. Trainer classes can be combined in certain Double Battles; for example a Pilot and a Stewardess can team up to form a Cabin Crew; however, special class names are not created for Trainers involved in a Tag Battle.

List of Trainer classesEdit

Generation FI
Sprite Trainer class Description Payout
File:Spr SrSs Lad.png Lad The successor to the Youngster class seen in previous games. They tend to appear early on and use weak Pokémon such as Lillipup or Buzapi. 16
File:Spr SrSs Lass.png Lass Like Lads, Lasses appear early on in the game and use weaker Pokémon such as Rabete or Tobin. 16
File:Spr SrSs Youngsters.png Youngsters A combination of a Lad and a Lass. This particular Trainer class only appears a couple of times throughout the game. 32
File:Spr SrSs Schoolboy.png Schoolboy Schoolboys, like Lads, usually use weak Pokémon and appear early in the game. However, they use more strategy, sometimes using items in battle or giving held items to their Pokémon. 20
File:Spr SrSs Schoolgirl.png Schoolgirl Schoolgirls, like Lasses, can be found early on in the game and use weak Pokémon. Like Schoolboys, they are more strategic, often having their Pokémon hold items or using items in battle. 20
File:Spr SrSs Schoolchildren.png Schoolchildren A combination of a Schoolboy and a Schoolgirl. They can usually be found in or around schools such as the Trainer Academy. 40
File:Spr SrSs Policeman.png Policeman Policemen tend to use a combination of Fighting-type and dog-like Pokémon, such as Riolu and Lucario. Because of the Elite Council, they can only be found before Vaultair City. 40
File:Spr SrSs Policewoman.png Policewoman Policewomen use similar Pokémon to Policemen, such as Machop and Herdier. Like Policemen, they can only be found before Vaultair City because of the Council's actions. 40
File:Spr SrSs Police Officers.png Police Officers A combination of a Policeman and a Policewoman. Only one instance of this Trainer class can be found in the game, on Route 2 during the night. 80
File:Spr SrSs Officer Jenny.png Officer Officer Jenny is a recurring character in the game, although there are several different versions of her in different places. She is the only character in the game to have the Officer Trainer class. 48
File:Spr SrSs Twins M.png Twins Twins will always challenge the player to a double battle, and often use Pokémon that are similar or counterparts to each other, for example, Bachik and Duklig. 16
File:Spr SrSs Twins F.png Twins Female Twins behave in the exact same way as male Twins, and also tend to use Pokémon that are similar or counterparts to each other, such as Joyfool and Spitefool. 16
File:Spr SrSs Bee Keeper.png Bee Keeper Bee Keepers can usually be found in forests or other green areas, and specialize in Bug-type Pokémon. Specifically, they use bee-like Pokémon such as Buzapi and Radipi. 20
File:Spr SrSs Butterfly Catcher.png Butterfly Catcher Butterfly Catchers, like Bee Keepers, are often located in green spaces such as forests, and specialize in Bug-type Pokémon. Specifically, they use butterfly and moth-like Pokémon such as Fotolite and Lunamoth. 20
File:Spr SrSs Bug Catchers.png Bug Catchers A combination of a Bee Keeper and a Butterfly Catcher. Unlike their separate classes, Bug Catchers use Bug-type Pokémon other than ones similar to bees or butterflies, such as Milipod or Egant. 40
File:Spr SrSs Casual Guy.png Casual Guy Casual Guys can be found throughout Rinto a variety of places, but usually only use Normal-type Pokémon like Harley or Mono. 64
File:Spr SrSs Casual Girl.png Casual Girl Like Casual Guys, Casual Girls are located in many different locations in the region, and often only use Normal-type Pokémon like Audino or Porygon. 64
File:Spr SrSs Young Couple.png Young Couple A combination of a Casual Guy and a Casual Girl. They usually use Pokémon that compliment each others such as Krooster and Egen. In addition, they may use Pokémon related to love, such as Angellus, or simply use the same Pokémon as each other. 128
File:Spr SrSs Preschooler M.png Preschooler Preschoolers are the youngest Trainer class that can be encountered in Rinto. They often have weak Pokémon, or only one Pokémon in their party. 4
File:Spr SrSs Preschooler F.png Preschooler Female Preschoolers behave in the exact same way as male ones, usually having weak Pokémon or a single-Pokémon party. 4
File:Spr SrSs Toddlers.png Toddlers A combination of a male and a female Preschooler. They are fairly uncommon, and usually have stronger Pokémon than their separate classes. 8
File:Spr SrSs Babysitter.png Babysitter Babysitters can often be found around preschoolers, with one or two appearing per group. They often use caring Pokémon such as Audino. 40
File:Spr SrSs Nanny.png Nanny Nannies are older versions of Babysitters, and are also usually found near Preschoolers. They also use caring Pokémon such as Egen. 40
File:Spr SrSs Childminders.png Childminders A combination of a Babysitter and a Nanny. They are usually located near large groups of Preschoolers such as in schools or on Route 3. 80
File:Spr SrSs Boy Scout.png Boy Scout The successor to the Camper class seen in previous games. They tend to use fairly weak Pokémon such as Timburr or Armori. 16
File:Spr SrSs Girl Scout.png Girl Scout The successor to the Picnicker class seen in previous games. Like Boy Scouts, they often use fairly weak Pokémon such as Poliwag or Oakorn. 16
File:Spr SrSs Scouts.png Scouts A combination of a Boy Scout and a Girl Scout. This particular Trainer class can be commonly found in forests and other similar areas. 32
File:Spr SrSs Miner.png Miner The successor to the Worker class seen in previous games. They specialize in Ground and Rock-type Pokémon.. 40

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